Lowering Your Electric Bill

Thursday, November 22nd 2007, 11:00 pm
By: News On 6

Do you dread opening your electric bill? If so, there are a few simple things you can to do make your bill go down.

  1. Make Sure Heating And Cooling Units Are The Right Size For Your Home

    Air conditioners and furnaces that are too small have to work harder to heat and cool your home. If the units are too big they can loose efficiency, using more electricity.

  2. Perform Regular Checkups On Heating And Cooling Systems

    Having your air conditioner and furnace routinely checked will keep the unit in good working order. This will insure that your air conditioner will not go out on the hottest day or the summer, and your furnace will keep you warm and cozy on the coldest day of the winter.

  3. Place Window Air Conditioners On The Shadiest Side Of The House

    Window units placed in shady areas do not have to work as hard, therefore it will use less electricity.

  4. Change Filters In Air Conditioners And Furnaces

    This will help your systems run properly and it keeps the air in your home clean.

  5. Adjust The Thermostat Before Leaving The House Or Going To Bed

    Dropping your thermostat a few degrees in the winter and raising it a few degrees in the summer will cause your unit to kick on less frequently, which will save you money.

  6. Install New, Energy Efficient Windows

    Old single pane windows let a lot of heat and air conditioning escape.

  7. Use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

    Compact fluorescent bulbs cost a little more, but they last up to ten times longer and use less electricity.