Taser training for Tulsa Police officers and Tulsa County Sheriff's deputies

Wednesday, September 29th 2004, 10:26 am
By: News On 6

Criminals in the Tulsa-area better listen up, the Tulsa Police and Tulsa County Sheriff's office have some "shocking" new tools to fight crime.

Officers were trained Wednesday on how to use their new "X-26" Tasers. The News on 6's Omar Villafranca was there and got a first hand taste of the Taser's power. The hand-held Tasers are non-lethal, but as I found out, they pack quite a punch.

The X-26 is now part of a Tulsa law enforcement officer’s arsenal. The device can delivers 50,000-volts of electricity from as far as 20 feet away. The shock temporarily paralyzes suspects, giving officers time to control a situation.

Wednesday's class was interactive. Tulsa Police Cpl Jim Curran: "As part of the course, everybody gets a, takes a hit from the Taser so they can see what the effects are and see how it incapacitates someone." Men and women lined up to feel the effect of 50,000 volts. Tulsa Police Cpl Marcus Harper: "It's like probably getting punched in the ribs when your not expecting it maybe 100 times in a half second and that's the best way to describe it because you absolutely, there's nothing you can do, absolutely nothing you can do."

The shock can last up to five seconds. When the officer takes his finger off the trigger, the suspect is back to normal. With this new tool on their belt, officers and deputies have advice for would be criminals. Harper: "When you're given a command by an officer, please comply because this thing hurts really, really bad."

Corporal Harper is right; it feels like sticking your whole body into a live light socket.

Officers say they're pretty sure once a suspect gets shocked, they'll comply with what ever they want.

Tulsa Police and the Sheriff's deputies will have the Tasers on their hips at the Tulsa State Fair.