Raising The Grade: Parents get involved with your child's school work

Thursday, September 16th 2004, 9:06 am
By: News On 6

If you want your child to excel in school, you better start pointing the finger at yourself. In a News on 6 Raising The Grade report, reporter Tamara Pratt says parents are powerful.

30 years of research proves it according to experts. But here's another lesson.

It was a piece of paper that turned heads at the Monroe house. Their kindergartener was being considered for retention, held back by the teacher. Blaire Monroe: "she said she was going to keep Wesley in kindergarten because he was not at the level he needed to be able to go to first grade." A cold blast that shook Blaire for a loop. "We were scared at first obviously and concerned."

So they met with Wesley's teacher and started working. "We read a book every night. We put a book on his bed, a different book whatever he wanted to read." Because of his parents continuing work, the teacher let him go to 1st grade.

The first test results, not great, but they kept working and over time the charts showed improvement. "In one year we went to two reading levels, two grade levels it worked out real well.”

Other things parents can do, including getting in the classroom and meet the teacher. See if your kids are asking questions, does the teacher draw them in? Stay up to date on school policies, schedules and rules. And make sure your child is learning what he or she needs to - to meet the standards for their grade level.

And the best advice from Blaire. "Have fun and love them and do all those things you need to but you have to pay attention to what they're doing as far as their education." And teachers urge parents to go to those parent teacher conferences.

So how do you make that work for your child? Ask good questions, like what are your child's best and worst subjects. The work ethic, sudden changes in behavior and how does your child handle taking tests.