A Tulsa woman accused of intimidating a witness must now stand trial

Wednesday, September 1st 2004, 9:59 am
By: News On 6

The Tulsa case stems from this summer when two teenage boys admitted they set a dog on fire.

Tulsa Police say the mother of one boy then called the key witness in the case and threatened to rough her up.

News on 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright was in the courtroom Wednesday and says Tonya Curry[pictured] is accused of threatening a witness. One of her teenage sons is also in trouble after admitting he slashed the same witness' tires. Her other son is in trouble after admitting he set fire to the dog.

Ironically, she's the one who had taken the dog in for help. When the story of the burned dog hit the news in June, word spread fast. People from all over the country donated money to the Crimestoppers fund to reward the person who turned in the culprits.

The woman who made that phone call and turned in Curry's son and his friend says she told Tulsa Police and the News on 6, she wanted to stay anonymous. "I saw the dog running down the street in flames." She says a few days after she reported the boys to police and they were arrested.

The family somehow found out it was her and her tires were slashed. That's when Tulsa Police arrested Curry's other son. She says Curry then called her cell phone and threatened her. "They said we're going to f-you up like your tires. We're watching you." She says she was so scared, she almost decided not to testify in the dog burning case because she was afraid something bad would happen to her and her family.

Curry is currently out on bond, wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet. She denies making the call and in a twist, the son who admitted slashing the tires, later said he made the call. Tulsa Police believe he's lying, since the victim said it was clearly a woman's voice on the phone, not a little boy.

Curry's lawyer says the case is weak because the witness didn't record the phone call, can't prove it was Curry's voice and no one has subpoenaed the phone records to see if there even was a phone call that day.

Curry already has three felony convictions, including one for intimidating a witness. The burned dog had to be put to sleep. Curry goes back to court next Tuesday.