A small Tulsa store is selling ' natural' food products

Thursday, August 26th 2004, 10:11 am
By: News On 6

A lot of folks want to eat healthier. For some people that means going organic. News on 6 reporter Rick Wells found a small store in mid-town where everything sold is natural or organically grown.

So you've read all the stuff about genetically altered food and animals being fed growth hormone and you're thinking maybe something a little more natural.

Natural Farms sell beef raised the old fashion way, without hormones, antibiotics and stimulants. Chris Emerson and her husband have been raising Piedmontese beef in Bixby for 12years. They needed an outlet so they opened a store.

They sell their own beef and other naturally raised meats, as well as organic produce and other products. "We just got in a big ole supply of basil." The folks from Three Springs Farm in west Tulsa showed up with a big bag of basil.

The store tries to get as much as it can from Oklahomans, anyway it's all natural or organically grown. They operate a food co-op program members can get a bag of produce and one of meat every week.

But the principal product is the beef. "That's the highest quality cut of meat there is right there." Randy Wilson cuts meat here four days a week. He says they operate like an old fashioned butcher shop. "People can come in tell us what they want and actually get it, you know."

Racks of jerky and some bacon are smoked at the store. Wilson: "I try not to waste anything, this is a small business." A small business that's growing.

Their website is www.naturalfarms.com.