Tulsa County and the Internet

Thursday, August 12th 2004, 10:07 am
By: News On 6

What's Tulsa County known for? How about, technology?

Tulsa County just earned a new distinction as the fourth most digital county in the US. As News on 6 reporter Amy Lester found out, the county’s web site has a lot to do with it.

The web site shows how technologically savvy the county really is. Anyone who's logged on knows there are an amazing amount of services, and they're all just a click away. “It certainly validates that we're on the right track.” On the right track, to dish out information with technological expertise.

Tom Trimble with Tulsa County says “the ability for people to stay at home or in business and obtain information is paramount today.” Tulsa County ranks fourth in the country for its ability to provide services, digitally.

Through the county's web site, you can calculate your mortgage tax and pay it online, bid on county projects, and one of the most popular features, a look inside the county jail.

15-minutes after the county snaps a mug shot, the picture pops up in cyberspace. And then anyone can see who's who in jail. Chris Howard with the Tulsa County jail: “I think there is a little intrigue people want to know who's in jail, what they're in for or you even hear somebody's name on the news that's alleged of the crime, they want to see what that person looks like.”

Whatever the reason. Trimble: “we have a precinct locator map that helps people where voting precinct is.” The county web site receives almost 24,000 hits a month. They expect that number to keep going up.

Trimble: “As more and more word gets out about all these features, we find more and more people are using the site instead of coming downtown.”

This was the first time the county applied for the digital recognition. The counties that ranked higher than Tulsa are in California or Florida. If you want to check out Tulsa's web site at www.tulsacounty.org.