Despite being closed in Oklahoma, Rx Depot continues to expand

Monday, October 20th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The doors to Rx Depot may be closed in Oklahoma, but it's business as usual for storefronts outside of the state. And business is booming.

Owners say more than a thousand people have called to request information about opening affiliates in other states.

David Peoples says pricing in the US market has made it impossible for senior citizens to buy their medications. Now, many of them depend on Rx Depot and he says "that" will decide whether a federal judge forces a temporary shutdown. "It was proven that there would be harm to interested third parties, so really rather than get into what the judge can or cannot do, I would just simply state that on that point alone, we should prevail."

Peoples says investors don't seem to be swayed by Rx Depot's struggle with the FDA. They just opened a franchise in Colorado and they point out, several "competing" companies continue to pop up here in Oklahoma.