Cracking down on Oklahoma's bank robberies

Monday, September 8th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Bank leaders plan to crackdown on bank crime. And they're asking for your help. News on 6 anchor Scott Thompson says robbers have struck 66 Oklahoma banks this year.

That's 25 more heists than last year. One bank says bank fraud is becoming almost epidemic in the state. So now, they are fighting back. The Oklahoma Bank Association announced its plan of attack Monday.

First, its hired two bank fraud investigators, one based in Tulsa, the other, in Oklahoma City. They’re also joining an online database to track fraud.

Next, they plan to increase education, so you can more about protecting yourself from fraud. And they're also asking you to change what you wear inside banks. It's called No Hats, No Hood, No Sunglasses. They ask that you take those things off before going into a bank.

They say it's voluntary, of course, but could improve everyone's safety. Kel Kelly, SpiritBank CEO and President, "often times if you look at a robbery virtually every time one of those physical conditions is present a hat a hood sunglasses or a combination there of.”

The Oklahoma Banking Association says this program is already reducing robberies in Massachusetts and Missouri.