It's illegal to have fireworks in Tulsa city limits

Tuesday, July 1st 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

What about those fireworks stands you see set up in Tulsa? News on 6 reporter Steve Berg visited one of those stands at Pine and Yale Tuesday afternoon to find out the answer.

It's easy to see how there could be some confusion. On one side of the road, you're in the city of Tulsa, but on the other side, its county land.

Through a weird set of circumstances, a patch of Tulsa County land near Pine and Yale is completely surrounded by city of Tulsa land. But officials say, make no mistake; it's still illegal to have fireworks in the city.

Technically, you can't even drive away from here with fireworks. But they know that's not realistic to enforce. They're mainly concerned with people who try to set them off within the city. Tulsa Fire Marshal Paul Gallahar, "If fireworks are discharged within the city, if they'll let the fire department know, we will respond and we will confiscate. And there's also fines that can be involved."

So it's okay to buy them, take them home; just don't set them off inside the city limits.