Stigler bans personal watercraft on its lake

Wednesday, June 18th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A popular summer pastime in one Green Country town is now against the law. Stigler officials have banned the use of personal watercraft on the city lake.

The new rule is leaving residents divided in its wake. Some say the lake is too small for the high-speed machines. And having so many is asking for an accident. Jet ski owners say they play it safe. They should be allowed to enjoy the water like everyone else.

Another issue - officials say fuel from the watercraft is polluting the city's water supply that comes from the lake. Stigler city manager, Pete Bass, "We knew there'd be some controversy the decision but you know we have to look out for the public safety, we also have to look out for the water supply.”

Bass says there are several other open lakes nearby. The Stigler ban covers only personal watercraft, boats are still allowed.