Native American web site connects soldiers with local residents

Thursday, April 3rd 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The battlefront and the home front seem a little closer for Native Americans fighting the war.

The Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma established a sort of crossroads on the Internet - and it's become a popular connection. News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan says they are serving the country onboard ships - and they are fighting the war on the ground. But even as they do – Native Americans have a connection back home.

A web site dedicated to them helps connect civilians with Native Americans in service to the country. It's not limited by tribe or hometown. Chuck Morehead set up the website for the Indian Chamber of Commerce. “Specifically we have a list of native Americans in the service along with their email address, some pictures and any special requests they might want for a care package and letters from them.”

The links to pictures and letters have been popular - but it's mainly an email link. "This is from Mike Billy - and he says hello, I am full blooded Navajo from Wind Rock Arizona, and have been in the Navy 6 years." The soldiers write back and forth - and post some letters online for anyone to see. “Some send photos along - this Navajo sent a picture of his plane that lost its nose in a storm.”

But it's really a "support the troops" site - a way for people who want to send support - to be able to correspond directly with a Native American in the service. More than 300 thousand people have looked at it - in the last 2 weeks. “I've been corresponding with the troops and that mainly what I've been seeing is emails that come back and forth, they've been sending pictures and telling what their daily life is.”

And if you would like to connect directly with a Native American in the service - you can access their website at WWW.AICCO.ORG.