Robbery Suspect Apprehended, Thanks To Quick Thinking Delivery Man

Monday, March 31st 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

An armed robbery suspect is behind bars, thanks to a quick thinking pizza delivery man who chased the suspect until Tulsa Police caught up with him.

On Monday, the delivery man told his story exclusively to News on 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright, who files this report:

Scot's second job is delivering pizza. He's done it for three years and never had any trouble, until Saturday afternoon.

Scot, Robbery Victim: "I come down the stairs, and low and behold, he (the suspect) says, "Give me your money and the pizzas in your car!" At first, I laughed because of the gun and I said, are you serious?"

Scot realized the man was serious - and tried stalling him, but, finally, Scot turned over the loot.

But, Scot wasn't going to let it go at that. When the suspect jumped into a car, Scot jumped in his own car, called 911 on his cell phone, and chased the suspect.

The men went careening through neighborhoods at high speeds, while Scot gave police dispatch the car's description, tag number and direction it was traveling.

Scot: "He turned left and started blowing out stop signs - and I apologize to anyone in the area because we were going 60-70 miles an hour through the neighborhood."

The suspect eventually out-ran Scot, but police were close enough to find him.

After a short chase, the robber crashed his car, bailed out and officers found him with the pizzas and cash still in his car.

Scot says with a war going on, the American people are not in the mood for crime. Scot: "The way the American public is raising up - if you're a bad guy, you should change careers, real quick."

Scot also says he's glad he could help, and he's not too afraid to keep working. In fact, following the robbery and the chase that followed, Scot went to the police station, picked the suspect out of a line-up, and returned to his workplace to finish up his pizza delivery shift.

Detectives told Scot he was the 10th person in three days who has allegedly been robbed by 17-year-old Donald King.

They believe King also tried to rob a man who was waxing his car earlier that same day.