Mothers with sons and daughters in the military

Wednesday, March 19th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Mothers with sons and daughters in the military are joining together to support each other - and show their stars - blue, silver and gold.

News on 6 Reporter Emory Bryan files this report.

With war now a certainty - many parents are going to be less able to stay connected with their children - so there's a need for them to be more connected with each other.

Barbara Porter and Cathy O'Shields share the common bond of having children in the military. They knew they weren't alone.

Barbara Porter, OK Blue Star Mothers: “And I knew there was, you just don't know who. There's not a military base here to meet each other at.”

So they have formed a support group - blue star mothers - named for the flag they fly with a single star for each child in the service.

Cathy O'Shields, OK Blue Star Mothers: "It shows patriotism, it shows you're behind them 100 percent and that you care and they're always remembered."

Porter has a son in the Navy - O'Shields husband and daughter are in the Air Force.

Donna Pearce in Skiatook - the editor of the local paper - shares a bond with them - a child in the service - and a desire to connect with other military mothers.

She's established another support group call Oklahoma American War Mothers - and a wall listing "Defenders of Freedom" from the area.

Donna Pearce, Oklahoma American War Mothers: “We started up in the corner for Brian Moss, who is the namesake for our chapter and there is a gold star there.”

The gold star for Moss is because he died at the Pentagon - and parents will be flying silver stars for injured children - blue to signify children in service.

It's a way for mothers to connect - and share that common bond.

Pearce: “As mothers, we have the same fears and same pride in our children.”

Blue Star Mothers Meeting
Tuesday April 1, 7pm
Martin East Regional Library
2601 South Garnett

American War Mothers
Donna Pearce
123 S Broadway
Skiatook OK 74070