Freedom Boxes bring good things to our troops

Tuesday, March 18th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

As military forces continue to gear up for an imminent strike against Iraq, hundreds of Oklahomans are showing their support, with a special delivery.

One local company is providing a special box for those patriotic packages.

News on 6 Reporter Ashli Sims files this report:

Green Bay Packaging makes thousands of boxes for everything from snack cakes to dot-coms, but these are special. The contents are gifts of love, and they're called freedom boxes.

They're sent to our troops abroad from supporters here at home.

Sandy Brown, Green Bay Production Supervisor: "you're heart bleeds you think of them over there lonesome in a strange environment strange language an they're our heroes they're defending us."

Sandy Brown came up with the idea... and the design for the boxes.

They started out with 800, and before long they'd made eight thousand.

But Brown says she never imagined freedom boxes would be in such demand.

Sandy Brown: "I've been flabbergasted but I've been thrilled because I think its great that everyone loves our service men this much... its all about the servicemen."

Since the boxes are free, it's a financial loss for the company. But it's a price they're willing to pay.

Sandy Brown: "I think everybody should do their part. And all we do is make boxes. So thats what we do best and thats what we can provide."

The freedom boxes are shipping out faster than Green Bay can get them in.

The National Guard Armory had 12-hundred boxes... now they're all gone.

To meet the demand, Green Bay is looking for a corporate sponsor.

For more information on freedom boxes, call Green Bay Packaging at 446-3341

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