OSU fans still talking about big win

Monday, November 26th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Dashed hopes for OU fans and a dream come true for OSU. Their bedlam battle game may have been Saturday, but fans on both sides say they're going to be talking about the Cowboy’s stunning upset for a long time to come.

News on Six reporter Steve Berg visited Cowboy Pete's in south Tulsa, where he talked with some of the fans. We were out here a few weeks ago before the OU-Nebraska game and there wasn't "anyone" in the Cowboy section. But that's all changed. Now, 'tis the season for orange and black. Bill Osburn was headed back to work Monday, with a little something new for his business wardrobe. “Everyone it seems like, everyone at my company never went to OU, but they're the biggest OU fans in the world, and since I went to OSU I thought I'd get some more clothes and wear them to my meeting today."

Long-suffering and in some cases, long-dormant Cowboys were re-loading with lots of Pokes paraphernalia. Cowboy Pete’s manager, Bruce Coursey, "The cowboy fans have been extremely loyal, through thick and through thin, it's kind of been a tough year for them but the big win in Norman Saturday made it very nice for them and they've come out in droves." But there were a couple of loyal Sooner fans here too, a little red-faced, but still supportive. Corey Spradlin, "You have to be, we've had a good season, so you can't win a championship each year still had a good season, so we're still proud of the team."

Ironically, one of the big sellers is located just a couple of page's in from Sunday's big headline, AAA travel packages, cheer our Sooners to victory, $310, the folks at AAA weren't in the mood to talk to us Monday. They were sold out, now they have to refund all that money.

And on radio, the talk on the afternoon show at the Buzz was still abuzz with Bedlam banter. "I'm proud of our team, but we just got out coached Saturday, and OSU deserves all the credit." Chris Plank, AM 1430 ‘The Buzz’, "As soon as we came on, it was real funny, we do nine hours of local talk and every single show has been slam-filled all day long." Now everyone wonders what will happen next, or what happened this season. Mark Thompson, Cowboy fan, "My only question is, and I love Les Miles for winning the game, but where was that all season?”

Another fan, “We have another season coming up where we should be back and a bowl game to look forward to so, nothing wrong with that." Chris Plank, "The frightening thing is those idiots that say ‘Fire Bob Stoops.’ Give me a break, the guy's lost one home game in two years and one game in three years and all of a sudden he's the worst coach on the planet? Give me a break, that stuff's just ridiculous.”

And we did a search on the e-bay auction site on the Internet for Big 12 championship tickets. We found 995 entries. A lot of those originating in Oklahoma and Nebraska.