Country Club Gardens development in North Tulsa

Monday, October 29th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Workers begin a $28 million renovation project in North Tulsa, to renovate public housing. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development provided the funding for this major makeover.

News on Six reporter Diane White says workers are tearing down the duplexes along Osage Drive North. They've been empty nearly a year - Tulsa Housing Authority moved residents living in this Osage hills Public Housing project. This is the second part of a seven-phase project to build nearly 450 new units. Crews already cleared the way for phase one - they're ready to build.

'Country Club Gardens', a new name for a new project in North Tulsa. It's taken nearly five years to get to this point. Leaders believe it be a big boost - nearby homeowners, like Tim Williams are optimistic. "I'm glad to see it happening." Glad to see new development in the neighborhood he's called home for 3 years. Williams remembers when nearby public housing was falling apart and is happy about the change. "I think it's great - I think it's nice that they can build a project like that in this neighborhood. I think it will be real nice - you'll have different classes of people. It ought to work real well. " As a golfer, Williams enjoys his view of the Tulsa Country Club, and believes his neighborhood is one of the city's best kept secrets. " I think it really is - the country club is not too far - we have nice shopping - a little shopping center. You've got good access to the expressway." The woman behind this project agrees. Ruth Nelson with the Tulsa Housing Authority, "This is beautiful country - if you look around - there are trees, there are hills - out in South Tulsa it's flat."

Phase one will have 128 units - including apartments, cottages and duplexes - and 80 units for seniors. They'll also build a community center with offices and childcare. The plan is to finish this phase by the end of 2002. All potential residents must meet certain income guidelines, and that's not all. "When a person leases - is qualified to lease a unit here - they agree to pursue self sufficiency and achieve it within five years." And five years is how long it could take to complete the entire renovation project - again they've just started working on the first 2 phases.

The next three phases will also involve rental properties - duplexes, apartments, and cottages. Finally - there are plans to build homes for qualified residents to buy.