TULSA woman arrested in connection with a car tag scheme

Thursday, August 30th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A Tulsa woman is arrested in an alleged scheme to provide thousands of Spanish speaking people car tags, even though they don't have insurance. Connie Rivera says she did nothing wrong but provide a service.

She filled out the paperwork for them, went to the tag agency and got the license plate to them, all for a charge. Police say she got around the insurance question with the help of Balfre Rebollar. They say Rebollar told the tag agency he was a car dealer and the cars Rivera brought in for tags were covered under his company's insurance.

Police say Rebollar wasn't a dealer and the insurance form was bogus. News on Six Crime reporter, Lori Fullbright, "Do you feel responsible that three thousand people are driving around without insurance?" Connie Rivera, "No, cause everybody knows they're supposed to have insurance." Lori Fullbright, "All those Hispanic people knew?" Connie Rivera: "Well, some of them did, but, not all of them.” Police say all the tags Rivera got started with TQ. Fullbright found dozens of them at East Tulsa apartment complexes.

A woman with a Hispanic group says Rivera wasn't helping Spanish-speaking citizens, but was victimizing them. Rivera faces a felony charge that carries up to ten years in prison.