LPGA Preparations Get Serious

Tuesday, August 21st 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Preparations are under way for Tulsa's second time in the golf spotlight this year. The Williams LPGA Championship comes to town in early September. The city is working hard to spruce-up the neighborhood around the Tulsa Country Club at Union and Edison. Some are saying a little too hard...

The world's best women golfers will be in town soon at Tulsa Country Club. And two blocks away, Cecil Southern's been told to make them feel welcome.

Cecil Southern, (lives near the golf course): "golf people's not gonna come back in the neighborhood to look how people lives in the city of Tulsa, they interested in the golf course, they ain't interested in the City of Tulsa."

Well, just in case out-of-town visitors wander off Edison Street, Cecil's been asked to trim his trees, paint his house and mow his grass.

He says everyone he knows on the street got the same letter from the city. He sent his letter back.

Cecil Southern: "Told 'em if they wanted me to paint my house they could come out and do it and take me to court and get the money."

Two days after getting the first letter, Cecil found this letter taped to the black Lincoln that's been sitting in his driveway since 1996.

It tells him to move the car, that it's an eyesore.

He figures it's also a casualty of the golf tournament.

But the car is not all that bad.

They had 5 years to do somethin' so why didn't they do something before 5 years.

Cecil says even if the car was driveable, he never drives on Union Avenue. And that's the most visible improvement to the neighborhod so far.

The street that runs alongside the country club has been repaved. And the city's been keeping up a regular mowing schedule along Union.

They say it's all part of being a generous host to out-of-town guests. Cecil says he doesn't mind company. He's just not going to paint for them. And he's not gonna move his car, either.

Cecil Southern: So, you don't want to watch the golf tournament from jail do you? No, I don't want to watch it from jail but I hope I can stay out, but I ain't gonna watch the golf tournament from my house either, or from my television.

The LPGA is looking for about 60-volunteers. You have to pay 60-dollars to volunteer, but there's better parking, souvenirs, free food, and tickets to the tournament. To sign up call 573-6100.