Think safety on Oklahoma lakes this holiday

Wednesday, July 3rd 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Many Oklahomans are expected to head to area lakes this holiday weekend.

Keystone Lake is one of the most popular spots for the Fourth of July. News on Six reporter Patrina Adger says Steve Penfield is spending the Fourth of July holiday with his family on Keystone Lake.

"It's great today, overcast, getting out early and playing all day. We're taking the boat out, the whole works." Thousands like the Penfields will hit the water this Independence Day weekend.

Oklahoma Lake Patrol trooper Tony Richardson will be on the lake this weekend making sure boaters are practicing safety on the water. “What we watch is for boats that travel in the congested areas." The rules on the road pretty much apply to the ones on the water when it comes to reckless driving.

But one rule is different. Unlike driving a car in Oklahoma, there's no age limit on who can operate a boat. Richardson says licenses aren't required in the state, so police can't restrict who can and cannot ride. "You can be a 6 month old baby as long as you can operate in a safe manner." Still he says he expects everyone to use their head when it comes to basic safety procedures. "If everyone will use common sense and a little courtesy, they can have a safe weekend out here."

Richardson offers some other safety tips. First, always wear a life jacket. Plus children 12 & under must wear one at all times. Watch children carefully. Drink moderately and have a designated driver. And fireworks are prohibited at the lake.