OKC bombing victims want $

Friday, May 24th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Victims of the Oklahoma City bombing say they want the same consideration from the government, as other victims of terrorist attacks.

So they're doing something about it. Murrah bombing victim Kathleen Treanor is heading up a group called 'Fairness for OKC.' The group is trying to get victims of the Murrah bombing eligible, to tap into the federal government's $6 billion compensation fund.

“It was a huge insult to us when the government did this, it was like they effectively said the families of New York are more important than the families of Oklahoma City, and that's a very ugly ugly message that our government sent to us. So we're just trying, in all fairness, to make sure our government takes care of the situation and makes it fair and equitable for everyone."

Senator Don Nickles is heading up the effort in Washington to amend the law. Congress amended it once already this week, voting to include victims of the African embassy attacks a few years ago.