Domestic dispute ends with death of Okmulgee man

Saturday, May 18th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

An Okmulgee man is dead after gunfire erupts across the street from an elementary school.

News on Six reporter Jenni Monet says the victim, the suspect and a women caught in the middle of what police are calling a deadly domestic dispute.

Crime tape sealed off the scene in the 1000 block of Okmulgee, where they say 35 year old Paul Shields was shot in the chest several times. Okmulgee Police Chief Ed Humphreys says “apparently he came over here this afternoon and broke in." Police say after shots were fired at that home, the victim came running around the corner collapsing at that stop sign.

Principal Jim Clifford: "Several of my teachers and aides were out letting children on the bus, they heard some gunshots saw a man running down the street." Police say it happened just when students were dismissed from Okmulgee’s primary elementary school, forcing a lockdown situation shortly after shots rang out. "We locked all the outside doors of the school and kept everyone inside until we knew that everyone was safe."

Chief Humphrey: "Apparently this is all over an ex common law husband that was a restraining order put against him to stay away from this residence here." Police say Shields broke into his ex-lover’s window in her home. It’s when they say her current boyfriend; 33-year-old Albert Wilburn took matters into his own hands. "He kept coming to the individual advised him that he did have a gun and that he would use it. Apparently the gentlemen didn't believe him and he was shot."

Albert Wilburn, the accused gunmen, is currently in Okmulgee Police custody. Investigators say it may be until Monday before they determine exactly what charges they'll ask the district attorney to file against the man.

They haven't ruled out self-defense in this matter because of the on-going domestic dispute situation.