Oral Roberts final commencement address at ORU

Saturday, May 4th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Oklahoma native Oral Roberts delivered his final commencement address for ORU graduates Saturday afternoon.

News on Six reporter Patrina Adger says hundreds of Oral Roberts University students walked into the Mabee Center, thankful that this day has finally come.

ORU student, "It reminded me of everything that's been instilled in me in the last four years about my spiritual walk with Christ and staying strong in my body mind and spirit." And it was the spirit of God that called upon a young Oral Roberts nearly four decades ago, to build a university where students can get an education with the hopes of walking with Christ like he has.

Richard Roberts, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I happily present the chancellor and founder of ORU, my father Oral Roberts." The 84-year-old Oklahoma native delivered his last speech to a packed auditorium. He talked about the message he received from God when he was a youngster telling him to build a university. "I had no money, I had no land, I had no faculty, I had no students and worst of all I had no know how, didn't know how to build God in a university. My wife and I took what little estate we had, look back on it as the best money I ever spent in my life. Thanks be to God."

And since starting in 1965 with only 312 student and 30 faculty, thousands of ORU grads have gone on to use what they've learned here to teach others all over the world. "Every place I go in America and on this earth guess, who I run into ORU graduates. Medical students with clinics in Africa even in Europe."

Roberts says his ministries has taken him all over the world, ministries he plans to continue even after his last speech at ORU. "Something good is gonna happen to you."