Attorneys face deadline for disposing of McVeigh trial evidence

Wednesday, April 17th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

(Denver-AP) -- Attorneys from bomber Timothy McVeigh's trial have 60 days to tell a judge what they want done with McVeigh's .45-caliber pistol, his T-shirt bearing a call to arms and other trial exhibits.

Tulsa attorney Rob Nigh Junior met with U-S District Judge Richard Matsch (MAYTSH) today.

The exhibits also include an axle from the Ryder rental truck that blew up in front of the Alfred P- Murrah Federal Building. The blast killed 168 people.

Officials at the Oklahoma City National Memorial say they hope to get the items at some point.

The courthouse where McVeigh was tried is scheduled to be closed this fall and employees didn't know what to do with the exhibits.

McVeigh was executed last year.