Suspended Animation: Hero Bear and The Kid

Friday, May 11th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Losing your Grandfather and moving to a new town are challenging in and of themselves, but doing them simultaneously can seem nearly impossible to a child. But that's the lot in the life of young Tyler, the main character in
a new comic book called Herobear and The Kid, from Astonish Comics.

The book has garnered quite a following, as well as being nominated for two prestigious comic book awards.

Oddly, however, only two issues have hit the stands in more than a year.
What sort of comic work could draw such critical acclaim from fans and
professionals alike, with so little done? One that encapsulates everything
good about comics; the escapism, the humor, the wonder, the adventure, and the very sense that the reader is right there experiencing everything with the main character, because so much of what Tyler endures is familiar to us all. And it's no wonder that this comic is so..... well, enchanting (I can't believe I used that word). After all, creator Mike Kunkel has had quite a lot of experience working in the "magical kingdom" as a Walt Disney animator, which can be seen when viewing his cartoon-board art style.

The only things that subtract from the experience are a couple of lettering
goofs and occasionally confusing panel arrangement. I'm sure, however, that these will be improved as Kunkel cranks out more issues.

And, while it's been many months since the first print of number two first
hit the stands, second prints of one and two are now available, and the third issue has been solicited through Diamond Comic Distributors. Most encouraging is the fact that Kunkel has taken his leave of Disney so that he can devote all of his professional time to his comic.

This book is very highly recommended.

Herobear and The Kid can be found at comic shops (1-888-comicbook, for the one nearest you), or at

Herobear and The Kid, published by Astonish Comics, 24 pages, $2.95.
Review by Mark Allen