Vicious dog attack

Thursday, April 5th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A little girl gets bit in the chest by a German Shepard. The dog's owner kept police at bay for two hours, refusing to turn him over. KOTV's Lori Fullbright explains what happened next.

Police say they finally kicked in the front door, took the dog and arrested his owner, a woman who's 8 months pregnant. The victim told KOTV her story, her doctor says she's a very lucky little girl. Jennifer Grove had nightmares Monday night after getting bit by a German Shepard at a neighbor's house, she was there to get her brother. "I went up to the door and knocked and the dog jumped up on me." Jennifer's mother, Linda was waiting in the car and acted on pure instinct. "I jumped out and threw something at the dog and the woman wouldn't come outside, the owner, I honked the horn and finally go the dog away and yelled, Jennifer run."

This is Jennifer's injury, right on top of her scar from where she had open-heart surgery as a baby. Grove says the dog, Major, is 15 years old and even though he was chained to a cinder block, he easily pulled it behind him. Perhaps the most shocking part of the story is police say the dog's owner, Pamela Naughton, refused to cooperate with the animal control officers or them. "The dog pound man asked her to leave the dog on the chain and she said okay, okay. But, as soon as he turned around, she grabbed the dog and went inside until officers arrived." Officers say they negotiated with Naughton for two hours, since they had a previous warrant for her for dog at large, they finally kicked in the door, they say she had hidden the dog in a closet.

One of the things that worries neighbors most about the dog coming back to this house is that it's located across the street from an elementary school and they feel that's too many targets for the dog to strike again. "Has to be every parent's nightmare that those children walk past there. What if that dog would've attacked a child and there was no adult around." Pamela Naughton told us her dog; Major bit a PSO worker last year. But, she doesn't want her dog destroyed.

Animal control investigators told us they're quite familiar with her address and have written her citations for dog at large in the past.