Search for a Civil War steamboat with the Oklahoma Traveler Today at 5:00 PM

Monday, October 30th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Does the wreck of a Civil War sternwheeler lie at the bottom of an Oklahoma lake?

Come along with Scott Thompson, The Oklahoma Traveler, and search for a Civil War steamboat, today at 5:00 PM. Does the wreck from the only naval battle in Oklahoma history still lie at the bottom of a lake? Learn about one man's efforts to recover the remains of a steam-powered sternwheeler captured and sank during the Civil War by Stand Watie and his Cherokee Volunteers. And find out about his dream to place the boat on display for everyone to enjoy. "The Search for the J.R. Williams," today at 5:00PM and tonight at 10:00 only on KOTV - The News on Six. Oklahoma's News Leader. Go to the Oklahoma Traveler web page to read the battle reports, see exclusive photos, and more.

Brigadier General Stand Watie, C.S.A. He and his cavalry captured a Union steamboat and burned it on the Arkansas River in June 1864. The wreck of the boat may still lie at the bottom of an Oklahoma lake. Photo courtesy: The Warren Collection