Kids Day: Make a friendship bracelet

Thursday, October 19th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

by Jean Nash Johnson / The Dallas Morning News

Say it's your best friend's birthday and you want to give her something cool. But you're low on funds because you're saving up for the Palm Pilot your mom won't buy. Worse, you have hardly any time because of band practice, tutoring, Girl Scouts and whatever else.

Here's the perfect thing: a spiral friendship bracelet. All you need is embroidery thread in three colors, tape to hold down the strands and about 30 minutes to spare. The color combination can be as bright or subtle as you like.


1. Choose three string colors and cut all of them to the same length, about 20 inches.

2. Put them together and tie a knot at the top to hold the strands together.

3. Tape the knot to something flat (a book or a lap desk).

4. Choose your first color and cross it over the other two strings to make a backward 4.

5. Take the other two strings and bring them over and under the cross of the 4.

6. Pull your first string out and up and the other two to the other side, and pull until a knot is formed.

7. Repeat this step 10 times with the same color combination. Then choose a different color to be the crossover string. As you progress, you'll see a spiral-like winding of the knots that look like a staircase.

8. Continue the pattern until you reach the length you want, then cut the bracelet to fit. Ta-dah!

9. To wear the bracelet, tie the ends together in a firm knot around the wrist.

If you are friends for life, you'll never have to remove it. It wears well through countless showers.