Cyborg 3D Gold USB

Monday, September 25th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Lefties have long been snubbed by joystick manufacturers. To make matters worse, the few joysticks that lefties can use for games tend to be low-quality. Thankfully, Saitek bucks that trend with its latest offering, the Cyborg 3D Gold USB.

The Cyborg, which can be used with either hand, has eight programmable buttons, a throttle, an eight-way hat switch, a twist axis and two shift buttons. Included software allows you to tweak the button functions to your heart's delight. The features are pretty nice but nothing spectacular.

It's the Cyborg's customizing that steals the show. Using only a small hex screwdriver attached to the base, you can quickly alter the joystick for left-handed use as well as personalize it to fit your hand size. Short fingers hampering your play? Need more space for those huge mitts of yours? Odds are good you can make the Cyborg comfortably fit your hand.

My only knock is the Cyborg's button placement. While the buttons on the head of the joystick are easily accessible, the ones on the base of the stick aren't quite as easy to use. I found myself looking down more than once to find them.

Nevertheless, the $49.99 Cyborg 3D Gold USB moves smoothly, has nice resistance and seems solidly constructed. Dedicated lefties should give this one a look. Go to or call 1-800-452-4377.