Forget politics, which candidate is the better rapper?

Friday, September 22nd 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Before you witness whatever sort of history is going to be made during the presidential debates, you may want to experience the candidates' virtual face-off.

Zip over to to check out two of the funniest minutes in that ever-expanding genre known as Web entertainment. Brought to us by the fine folks at JibJab Media, "Capitol Ill" presents candidates Al Gore and George W. Bush as mad rappers busting loose with crazy rhymes.

With the herky-jerky motions of hip-hop marionettes, the two square off over a beat-blasting loop. Now the smarty-pants know-it-alls among us may presume that competing in cyberspace gives V.P. Gore an unsporting advantage – after all, he did invent the Internet.

But in this satirical send-up – created through cut-up animation – George W. has it all over M.C. Al. Not only does the virtual Mr. Bush have all the cool moves – with the swipe of your mouse, he drops his jacket and does a little hip-swiveling kick – but he also has the best rhymes.

Check out this choice couple: "I made a splash, raised the cash, in a flash, built a stash/Got a rocket in my pocket blastin' straight outta Texas."

The best the virtual Mr. Gore can come back with is "Keepin' it real I gave Bradley the hook shot/Kickin' dope rhymes in the style of a robot."

"Capitol Ill" is also a demonstration of all the ways Web entertainment trumps old-world media. Interactivity may be a worn-out buzzword, but here it is put to hilarious use. With a click of your mouse, you can bring Bill Clinton or the elder George Bush out from the wings for a little presidential break dance. There are also two turntables so you can scratch along, as well as a panel of buttons activating a collection of choice sound bites, including the always idiotically appropriate "Boo-yah!", "Capitol Ill." Content concerns: Drug references