Tick-bite victim dies, mother gives birth

Monday, August 21st 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

(Tulsa-AP) -- An Oklahoma family has suffered the unbearable loss of a child and the joyous birth of another -- in about 24 hours.

Six-year-old Tommy Carlson died Saturday in Tulsa after battling Rocky Mountain spotted fever since early July. Tommy's mother gave birth to another son, Adrianno McBride Carlson within 24 hours after Tommy's death.

The Monroe family is struggling to deal with the conflicting feelings of the two events.

Nancy Carlson says she's happy with Adrianno's birth, but she still carries the memories of Tommy and his battles since being bitten by a disease-carrying tick earlier this summer.

Doctor's amputated the lower portion of both legs, his left hand and the tips of his fingers on both hands. Rocky Mountain spotted fever was causing his organs to shut down.