Colleen leaves 'Survivor' Island

Thursday, August 10th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Colleen Haskell, last of the Pagongs, got gonged on Wednesday's Survivor, ensuring an all-Tagi competition for the show's big money.

The 23-year-old student from Miami Beach, last of the original eight-member Pagong tribe, received a fatal four eviction votes on the 11th episode of CBS' runaway summer hit. Three came from the usual suspects, a cutthroat Tagi cabal of sinister Rudy Boesch, even more sinister Richard Hatch and really sinister Susan Hawk. In the past five weeks, their bloc voting has deep-sixed Pagongs Gretchen Cordy, Greg Buis, Jenna Lewis, Gervase Peterson and now the nubile sweetheart of Pulau Tiga.

Yeah, I know, get a life.

Anyway, the Tagi alliance supposedly had earmarked fellow tribe member Kelly Wiglesworth for banishment because they didn't trust her anymore. But she won the week's "immunity talisman" by keeping her balance on a narrow wooden beam longer than any other contestant. The runner-up was Colleen, who said just before falling, "Am I getting booted off if I fall?"

Hey, lit majors, this is known as foreshadowing.

Audible double talk among Spider Susan, Ratman Rich and Rickety Rudy may have led viewers to believe that nice-guy Sean Kenniff would be getting the boot. But his only eviction votes came from Kelly and Colleen. Sean, who in turn voted against Colleen, intentionally wrote "Cooleen" on his ballot. It was his way of killing her softly.

Sean, a neurologist with a head on his shoulders, earlier won a night aboard a luxury yacht by winning a brain-twisting contest of multiple choice and true/false questions.

Survivor host Jeff Probst told him he could invite one contestant for breakfast the next morning. Kelly thought it would be her, but Richard got the call.

"Tell Sean he's gotta deal with Wiglesworth when he gets back," Kelly barked. Ooh, scary.

Sean got two nice surprises aboard the yacht – a massage in which his bare "bony" behind was pixillated and a visit from his Dad, whom he clearly loves. The show keeps coming up with novel ways to pull heartstrings. It's a guilty pleasure without parallel.

Colleen graciously extinguished her torch, telling the remaining five survivors to "play fair, ok?"

"Had I come into this game on Tagi's team, I think I could have won. ... No harm in saying it now," she said as the closing credits rolled.

Colleen now joins three other Pagong evictees on what eventually will become a decisive seven-member jury. On the two-hour Aug. 23 finale, the jury will vote on who wins the $1 million grand prize between two remaining contestants.