Flying The Flag Properly

Tuesday, July 4th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

It's the symbol of freedom, the Stars and Stripes. For some it's a treasured icon, but for many, respect for the flag is an old-fashioned notion. At fire stations every morning, the flag goes up to catch the breeze. It's a daily tradition at such places, and at a few homes. Like Howard Credle's house. No one has to remind him to fly the flag it's a habit that began when he returned from duty in World War II. Credle, a retired US Navy Pilot said "I don't know, I guess I'm patriotic." But Credle has noticed a trend in his neighborhood and across the city. While a few people fly the flag and seem proudly patriotic, many people do nothing, even on the 4th of July. Howard Credle said "very few and less and less, I don't know how you would rejuvenate it though." And while many homes fly the flag in a place of honor, some try but do it the wrong way, according to the United States Flag Code. The Code is specific, pointing out that hanging flags should have the stars on the left, not the right. It calls for flags to be at the end or top of the staff, not halfway like this one, not almost to the top but not quite like this example. And it discourages the display of Stars and Stripes that are almost but not quite flags. The code recommends the patriotic display of bunting, like the kind chosen by one homeowner. Brenda Weaver of Tulsa says "my mother is pretty patriotic and that's why I've always done it." At Brenda's house, flying the flag is a patriotic tradition. "Supposed to sing the national anthem when it's being played and salute, just do those things you're supposed to for the country, be proud of where you're from." American pride is scattered, on parade at some homes but sadly missing from most.