Wet weather drives cockroaches indoors

Tuesday, June 20th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

While Green Country lawns may be loving the recent rain, there may be a down side to the wet weather.

The Oklahoma State Extension Service says the area’s cockroach population is increasing and heading indoors.

“We’ve had a number of calls about insect and disease problems in general this year,” said extension services employee Mark Terning. “It’s due to the moist, humid weather we’ve had. We haven’t had a real winter in four, maybe five years now.”

He added that cockroaches thrive on the recent dark, rainy weather.

The onslaught of these usually offensive critters means big business for area exterminators. Calls are flooding in from many creeped-out homeowners.

“The water bug roaches are real bad right now because of all the rain,” said pest control officer David Grady. “They live around the foundation and concrete area, and if there’s a gap, they’re going to be coming in.”

Grady says roaches enter homes in a variety of ways, including city sewer lines leading into water fixtures. They also thrive in wood mulch.

Experts say even the cleanest of homes are not immune from insects, although tidy kitchens and bathrooms can help defray an infestation. Another way to avoid a problem is to make sure cracks, crevices, windows and doors are well sealed.

Grady warns that store-bought bug sprays may not do the trick. He says it usually takes a professional to rid your home of the pests.