Product review: Plantronics' wireless headset phone

Friday, June 16th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Product review: Plantronics' wireless headset phone

I so wanted to love Plantronics' Cordless Headset Telephone, but it turned out to be a love-hate affair.

The idea is fabulous: a compact phone that clips onto clothing, allowing a user to roam around and talk via the headset. I've never sat still during a phone call; half the time I'm gardening. Model CT10 seemed cool enough to be worth breaking my anti-geek, no-gadgets-on-the-belt rule.

The portability part worked as promised, though clipping the phone inside my collar when I wore dresses was awkward. The phone, however ... not so great.

I expect clearer reception from cordless phones, but even a second test phone Plantronics sent had too much static. Also, this model's small dial pad, which seems upside down compared to other phones because of the way the phone is worn, was tough to get used to. With call waiting, I couldn't manage to switch between calls using the flash key. Overall, the Plantronics CT10, which costs about $110, might be fine as an extra phone for certain calls, but I wouldn't recommend it as a sole home phone.

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