Police Say Malone Prime Suspect in Home Invasion and Rape

Wednesday, December 8th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Police say the same man who's broken into six central Tulsa houses, also raped a woman and threatened to kill her. They connected the cases because of the similar way the man talked to his victims.

Police say there’s a man on the loose who's been bold enough to break into houses without knowing or caring if anyone is inside. Prosecutors have already charged 20-year-old Greg Malone with the crimes. The police need to find him and they are worried he will strike again. "There is a high probability it will happen again,” said Tulsa police detective Cindy Massey.

Burglary detectives knew they were looking for a person who was breaking into homes and who had bitten one victim on the back. When sex crimes detectives received a rape report, the two teams compared the cases and realized they were looking for the same suspect. "Where I linked my case with the other one, was the way he asked for money and jewelry.” said Massey. “Show me the money, show me the jewelry and he never asked for anything else. Just money and jewelry."

The rape victim awoke at 9:30am to find the man standing over her. He yelled at her. "He then pulled her out of bed, took her into the kitchen where he picked up a 10 inch serrated kitchen knife,” Massey described. “He put the knife to her throat and said, “He'd kill her if she didn't tell him where she kept her money and jewelry."

After he raped her, he threw her into a closet. The man who was bitten in the other home invasion case was also put into a closet. Investigators say the man added insult to injury by telling the rape victim afterward, “I hope you're pregnant, so you'll always remember me." Police say the perpatrator's total lack of compassion and remorse makes it impertative they catch him as soon as possible.

Detectives say both victims picked Malone from different sets of photographs. They say Malone should be considered armed and dangerous, although he has not hit again due to the the media attention the crimes have received. If you see Malone or have information about these crimes, police would like you to call Crimestoppers at 596-COPS. All callers can remain anonymous.