Williams Company Is Moving to National Television

Saturday, December 4th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The cameras are rolling in downtown Tulsa. The Williams Companies is spreading its name across the country on national television. Williams claims to have the largest energy commodities trading floor, and now it's going for the funniest. While stocks are changing hands, actors are hamming it up. It's showtime at Williams who is hoping to become a household name.

"Williams is taking a step forward to become nationally known and a national brand," says Williams Communications Director Fran Evans.

Starting January 1, the four commercials being filmed will be seen on national television. The first one will air during the Williams World Challenge, which will be the company's first big PGA sponsorship. But don't look for a serious ad. Williams is going after viewers with humor.

"We're kind of taking risks," says Evans.

And the crew says that's what they like.

"For a giant corporation to have a sense of humor about itself and to do commercials that don't take them seriously is quite a statement about who they are," says Richard Goldstone, director.

And who'd they hire to tickle your funny bone?

"I'm pretty big time people recognize me almost... no where," says Damon Jones.

You may not recognize his name, but Seinfeld fans will remember him as T-Bone. He starred in one of the show's last episodes. But this time he's not trying to steal a name he's trying to get a girl or two.

"I'm a guy and there's two girls that come up and I'm trying to dazzle them with my knowledge of Williams Energy of which I have none so I make it all up," says Jones.

It's not knowledge Williams is looking for it's viewers, and they're hoping this funny man will deliver. The golf tournament benefits the Tiger Woods Foundation which supports charities.