Attorney says bartender was raped

Thursday, October 21st 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A bartender at a police social club was raped by more than one person at the club and now fears for her safety, her attorney said Thursday.

Attorney Steven Holden rejected suggestions that the woman's account has changed since she was originally questioned by police about an alleged sexual assault at the Glitter Dome in the early morning hours of Sept. 25.

He questioned why it took police several days to launch their investigation of events at the club operated by retired law enforcement officers for police.

"She told me that her story has not changed from the beginning," Holden said during a news conference outside his Oklahoma City office. "My client is the victim of a rape. She is
the victim of a violent crime and a very personal crime."

Holden said he cannot explain why authorities did not administer a rape examination on the victim the day of the attack. Holden said no examination was ever conducted.

"I haven't got a good answer as to why they didn't," he said.

A police report said that on Sept. 25, the woman denied being involved in any sexual activity and that on Sept. 28, she said she was undressed against her will but did not believe she had been sexually assaulted.

The woman told investigators after a second
formal interview that she believes she was sexually assaulted, police said.

Holden also denied statements in a transcript of a 911 call placed by Oklahoma City Police Capt. Bill Martin on the morning of the attack that the woman, whose name has not been released, was drunk and acting crazy in the club.

Martin told the dispatcher that the bartender was nude and drunk. He also said he saw people leave the building with bottles
of alcohol and said he saw condoms. Police reported seeing no condoms. The discrepancy is under investigation.

"She was not crazy. She was not drunk," Holden said. He said his client's reputation is being smeared in the media when in fact she is a victim.

"We're talking about a violent and brutal act to a woman," Holden said. "She needs to have some respect shown to her."

The woman, who no longer works at the club, is concerned for her personal safety but is determined to cooperate in the police probe
"until justice is served," Holden said. Holden declined to identify her alleged attackers but said they could be Oklahoma City police officers or others who were in the club at the time of the attack.

"The same people who raped her are the very people who are supposed to be protecting her," he said.

A police spokesman, Capt. Charles Allen, declined to comment on Holden's statements but said the investigation is continuing.

"It's a sex crimes investigation right now," Allen said. "And we're good at doing those, whether it involves us or not."

Allen said investigators are working with Holden but that it is not clear how long the investigation will take or how much larger
it will grow.

"All information coming to us is being included in that investigation," he said.

An internal investigation is also under way into alleged misconduct by Martin.