Bixby Bond Debate Over Flooding Problems: Will Repairs Work?

Tuesday, August 10th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

If the bond issue passes in the City of Bixby, property taxes for a $100,000 house would go up $112 next year. But much of the debate centers on whether the plans to fix the flooding problems will actually work. "If they (the voters) are dead set one way or another, it probably won't change them," said Billy Davis, bond supporter. "It will probably get them out to vote. Our team has put up 1,000 signs. I've probably put up three or four hundred of those." Davis is driven to make sure people say yes to fixing Bixby's flooding problem. "If we don't vote in favor this, we will still be under water," he noted. And the flooding hasn't yet affected Davis's home. Davis says he will do anything for his community, although he's only lived here four years. "If you live on a hill and you don't have a water problem, guess what. Your water runs off and hits your neighbor. Don't you care about your neighbor?," he said.

Two years ago a similar bond issue failed. Bixby city officials blamed themselves, because they didn't promote the issue. This time, you can't travel through Bixby without knowing there is an election on Tuesday because of all of the vote "yes"

The flood waters have traveled through the Bixby Cafe four times in the last year. It literally has become a joke. "They put up a life vest up front and a fishing pole," said Donna Sides, owner. She says she's not a big supporter of the plan to raise property taxes. She questions whether the flooding will be fixed. "They've told me so many times they are going to do this and they are going to do that," said Sides. "And it hasn't been done yet."

Davis says this time the city has all its ducks in a row. "They will do it. By law they have to do it," he said. "They are advertising that they are going to do this and they don't have a choice." And he says it's the only choice to get rid of a major development problem. Bond supporters have another selling point. If it passes, the state's willing to spend millions of dollars to help with the project and to improve Highway 64 through town.