Tulsa County authorities round up stray dogs

Tuesday, March 15th 2005, 10:04 am
By: News On 6

Animal control officers are cracking down in north Tulsa County. Officers patrolled the area Tuesday morning, netting several stray dogs and even a couple of owners.

Teresa Jones' dog followed her son to school and was caught on the street. She got her dog Gloria back, but now Teresa faces a fine. "Keep your dog on a chain if you want him, if you don't want a ticket. But I'm going to have to get her fixed and get her another chain and new tag and everything because she's a family pet; she's like a child to me."

Deputy David Long: "A lot of times it takes a citation for people to wake up because now you're affecting their pocketbook and unfortunately where I don't like to write tickets, sometimes that what I have to do."

Animal Control officers are pushing for stiffer fines in rural Tulsa County. If you're issued a county ticket, it only costs $25 to $35. But city fines run $75 per violation and dog owners frequently rack up multiple fines.