Tulsa Police say a man with a shotgun killed his wife and himself at her office

Thursday, February 10th 2005, 9:05 pm
By: News On 6

Gun shots ring out at an east Tulsa company Thursday afternoon and Tulsa Police respond in full force.

With guns drawn, the Special Operations Team surrounds Lowrance Electronics at 12000 East Skelly Drive, on the ground, in the air and even on the roof. Employees are evacuated to safety outside the facility and a nearby school is put on lockdown.

Officers working to secure the scene also decide to close eastbound I-44 to traffic. After an intense investigation, Tulsa Police discovered two people dead in a murder suicide.

News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan says hundreds of employees from Lowrance Electronics evacuated the building after the shooting. A few had heard the shots, but most only heard the order to get out. Tulsa Police say the gunman, 33 year old Cory Baker, shot his wife, Catherine Tudor and himself, before the first officers arrived. But they didn't know for sure he was dead, so a team of officers rushed in, while dozens of others surrounded the building with guns drawn.

The special operations team suited up for a battle - but never fired a shot. Tulsa Police Sgt Scott Walton: "As a building search continued, we found the suspect and victim both dead." Even though the danger appeared to be over, police searched the rest of the building - locating several employees who stayed inside rather than risk running into the killer. Some had talked by cell phone to employees on the outside to let police know where they were.

When officers told the gathered employees the bodies had been found, some Lowrance workers cried and hugged each other. A police chaplain led the group in prayer.

Company management told employees not to talk with the media, and the company had no comment on what happened.

Tulsa Police say the receptionist saw Baker walk in with the shotgun and heard the four shots. She made it out unhurt. "He walks in, determined to do what he did, walks past the receptionist and into the victims office and that's where the homicide and suicide took place."

Since employees ran out in a hurry, Tulsa Police took some back in to get car keys so they could go home.

Though police continue to investigate what happened, they believe they have a clear case of an angry man killing his ex-wife, and they believe the fact that it happened at work was just a coincidence of where he could to get her.