Thwarting a would be abductor or attacker

Monday, January 24th 2005, 10:10 am
By: News On 6

Women want to know how to fight back from attackers more than ever. Part of the urgency is the surveillance video recently released from a Texas Wal-Mart that shows a woman being kidnapped in the parking lot and later found murdered.

A self-defense expert shows News on 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright some basic moves anyone can use to protect themselves.

People see the Texas video and wonder what they would do if it happened to them, could they get away, would they know what to do in that moment of terror.

The first step is having a plan and practice it in your mind so if it does happen, you'll be able to react. Sixth degree black-belt Steve Whitaker explains how to fight back. He says stomp on the attacker's foot with the heel of your shoe, throw an elbow to the stomach or a fist to the groin and get away.

If you are face to face with your attacker, Steve says go for the eyes first, followed by the heel of your hand to the nose and don't forget the ears. "Actually, cup your hands, boom, boom, boom. You do that three times and he won't think of anything but I'm in horrific pain."

If you become the aggressor, it throws off your attacker, so if you are face to face, lace your fingers behind his head and use that leverage to shove your knee to the groin. “This is no time to be polite, you need to rage, let it go crazy, fight, claw, rip, tear, bite, whatever you have to do to get out of those circumstances."

Whittaker says the most important thing we can all do is stop being preoccupied and become aware at all times, that changes the attacker's perception of you from victim to someone not to be messed with.

Look people in the eye and remember, even if you get hit or knocked to the ground, it's not over, keep fighting.

If you'd like to schedule a self-defense class with Steve Whitaker, call the John 3:16 Mission at 587-1186.