Take precautions now to prevent frozen water pipes

Thursday, December 23rd 2004, 10:00 am
By: News On 6

This hard freeze has the potential to cause major problems with your water pipes. And with people traveling out of town for the holidays, it's best to prevent plumbing problems before they happen.

News on 6 anchor Craig Day says a cold snap this time of year can bring with it one of the most unwelcome Christmas gifts.

"People come home with a handful of presents and a house full of water. And I mean inches!" Kyle Brierly from Roto Rooter says they're just now getting hit with a lot of calls for frozen pipes.

"This is our first long-term freeze. Usually, if you hit freezing overnight, usually it's not that much of a problem." But with the temperature below freezing for several days in a row, it's beginning to become a big problem.

Roto Rooter recommends opening your cabinet doors under your sinks to let the warm air circulate around your pipes. And it never hurts to keep the water in your pipes moving this time of year by letting your faucet drip. "People worry, well doesn't that cost money? It's pennies on the dollar when it comes to comparing leaving your faucet going overnight during a hard freeze and a plumbing repair."

The folks at Roto Rooter say you need to pay close attention if you're trying a "do-it-yourself" pipe remedy. An Oklahoma City family set their house on fire when they tried to use a space heater to thaw out their frozen pipes. Roto Rooter says this is the time of year the professionals gear up for. Plus this Christmas season brings a second threat to your plumbing. “A lot of people cooking at home, shoving turkey down the drain, so we've got the drain aspect. And that's kind of a double whammy this weekend with the freezing."

Roto Rooter likes to remind people that just because your pipes freeze, that doesn't mean your pipes will burst. They say you need to pay attention to your plumbing as it gets above freezing. Your pipes won't leak until they begin to thaw out. That's when you'll first be able to tell if you have major plumbing problems.