Puppy kidnapping incident under investigation by Tulsa Police

Wednesday, December 8th 2004, 10:11 am
By: News On 6

Four men stole a Tulsa woman's puppy while she was taking it for a walk near 32nd and Irvington.

News on 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright says she had only had the puppy for three weeks and this was the first time she ever walked it, so when the dog napping happened in broad daylight, the young woman was terrified.

Elissa is making copies of a reward poster for her now stolen 10-week old pit bull puppy. Her last dog had died, so Elissa bought Nina for $600 just a few weeks ago and was intent on training her to be a good, sweet dog. She decided to take Nina on her first walk around 5 PM on Tuesday and the unthinkable happened.

Four men in an older model, brown Cutlass approached her and wanted to pet Nina. "Yes, kid of petting her and asking if she's mean.” Lori Fullbright: "What did you say?" Elissa: "No, and I just kept walking."

Then one of the men wanted to walk the dog, that's when Elissa picked Nina up and started walking away faster. That's when the man grabbed the dog and took off. When the men ran toward the car, they didn't realize the leash was still attached to Elisa's arm so they pulled her into the car.

Screaming, she managed to get the leash off her wrist then the men kicked her out and took off with her puppy. "I was so scared. I was already crying and screaming I didn't know what to think."

Elissa's biggest fear is the men will turn her sweet puppy into a mean, biting, fighting dog. She's just so shocked someone would do this on the spur of the moment. The officer who took the police report says this is the first time he's heard of such a thing.

Elissa hopes someone will recognize Nina and turn the thieves in so she can have her puppy back.

If you have any information about this case, you can call Crimestoppers at 596-COPS. You don't have to give your name and if your tip leads to an arrest, you'll receive up to a thousand dollars in cash.