Oklahoma Poll

Sunday, October 31st 2004, 5:47 pm
By: News On 6

According to the poll, 75-percent of Oklahomans believe the price of gasoline is unreasonable compared to other things they buy. The figures held true statewide with only slight variations.

Yes 43%
No 56%

Asked if higher prices have caused a hardship, 43% said yes with again, only slight variations across the state.

Most blame the high prices on oil company pricing, unrest overseas, and U-S policy. And over 60-percent of the people we talked to are concerned that the world's oil supply will be exhausted in their lifetime.

Still, the price has not risen high enough to force people to change their driving habits.

How high would prices have to be before changing driving habits?

$2 or less 36%

$3 34%

$4 8%

Asked how high prices would have to go, about 70-percent say gas would have to cost between two and three dollars a gallon before they would change their driving habits. About 50-percent say that 2 to 3 dollar-per-gallon price would also cause them to switch to a more energy efficient vehicle.