Tulsan's effort to recover a stolen car, helps stop a cross country crime spree

Wednesday, October 27th 2004, 6:08 am
By: News On 6

A dad's detective work helped recover his son's stolen car and halt a several state crime spree.

When Blake McMahon came back from running along River Parks early Saturday morning, his car was gone. Assuming the culprits were neighborhood kids and after filing a police report, his father went out looking for the car. He found it in a restaurant parking lot. But apparently the thieves weren't finished with the car.

Russell McMahon: “So that's when I dialed 911 and said you'll never believe it, the car just got recovered and it's getting stolen again right now as we speak."

Tulsa Police say the four suspects are wanted for an interstate crime spree over the past two weeks that began in North Carolina. They say the group was stealing cars and using stolen credit cards and checks to pay for motel rooms and food.

This isn't the first time Blake's car has been stolen. A few years ago, the family's home was burglarized and the crooks took the car to haul their loot. Since it seems to be so unlucky, the family may get Blake a new one.