New Technology Lets Cell Phone Users Leave The Charger At Home

Friday, April 13th 2007, 4:45 pm
By: News On 6

From kids to senior citizens most people own a cell phone, maybe even two, that almost guarantees one of these days you’ll run out of battery power and need to charge it. A new business that began in Tulsa is making that easier all over the country. The News On 6’s Rick Wells reports recharging a phone away from home can be as easy as using a vending machine.

Do we love to talk? Cell phones make it easier to do, but the longer we are away from home the greater the chance of running out of power. One Tulsa business thinks they have a solution for charging on the go, it’s essentially a vending machine that charges cell phones.

"It discharges, sterilizes for germs and bacteria, and recharges 26 cell phones simultaneously in 15 minutes," said Anthony Mason of Take Charge Marketing.

The technology was developed in China, a business associate of Mason's contacted him to help develop a marketing plan for the U.S. He liked it so much he became the exclusive distributor.

"Right now there are 65,000 of these machines in Beijing alone,” Mason said.

Here in Tulsa you can find one in the Student Center at the University of Tulsa. There are various plug-ins for different types of phones. You find the one that works, plug it in, pay $2 and wait.

The recharging machines are popping up everywhere like casinos, malls and airports. There are ten in the Atlanta airport right now, so talk away, text away, use all the power you need, the kiosks will be waiting when you need more.

For more information about the Kwik-E-Charge machine, and locations in the Tulsa area click here.