Police Search For Rader Escapees

Saturday, March 24th 2007, 3:08 pm
By: News On 6

Sand Springs Police need your help to find three juvenile escapees. The teens, who police say are violent offenders, escaped from the Sand Springs Rader Center Thursday night. The News On 6’s Ashli Sims reports the teens got out by going under the new fence that was supposed to keep them in.

Surrounded by a curved, high fence, the Lloyd E. Rader Center looks secure, but Sand Springs police say Thursday night three inmates found a loophole.

"Because of a small glitch they were able to disconnect the fence from the main post holding it in place and get under it," Sand Spring Police Captain Dan Graham said.

Captain Graham says the three teenagers overpowered a Rader employee, stole the worker's keys and took off under the fence. Eighteen-year-old Sean Batt was in Rader for stealing cars and joy riding, 17-year-old Edward Moore was convicted of assault and battery and burglary, and Joshua Callshim, also 17, has a history of domestic abuse and assault with a dangerous weapon.

"One of them is unspecified Crips, one is Neighborhood Crips. If you do see them get in touch with law enforcement immediately," Graham said.

The Lloyd E. Rader Center just replaced its fence last year. The goal was to make sure juveniles could not escape from the facility. In the past, inmates had escaped by climbing over the fence, but with the new fence that wasn't possible.

"This fence prevented them from going over the top. But idle minds found a different way to go under it," said Graham.

Graham says the glitch in the fence has now been fixed, and he thinks that will prevent future escapes.

One of the inmates Sean Batt was just four months from being released; now all three could be prosecuted as adults. And if they're convicted they’d be sent to the State Prison.

If you see any of the escapees cal 911, or the Sand Springs Police Department at 918-245-8777.