Embezzlement Confession Leads To Prison Time

Monday, March 12th 2007, 3:24 pm
By: News On 6

JC Plunkett is off to prison after admitting he stole more than $147,000 from his 87-year-old business partner. The Oklahoma Attorney General's office hopes this case sends a message to others who might be tempted to steal from the elderly. News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright reports Plunkett was ordered to pay back $627,000, but even more than that, he received a prison sentence of 40 years.

Plunkett told the judge he was guilty eight times in court on Monday. In exchange, 17 other embezzlement counts against him were dropped. The plea agreement calls for Plunkett to spend the first 15 years of his 40 year sentence in prison and the remaining 25 years on probation. The deal means the victim, Winston Mobley, won't be forced to testify against a man who was like a son to him, a man he trained at Prudential, a man he trusted to handle his finances after he retired and lost his eyesight.

When Mobley confronted his long-time friend and partner about why he took the money, this was the answer Plunkett gave him.

"He said it was so easy. I never thought I'd have a friend like that. That's a depressing one," said Mobley.

Plunkett said it was a number of factors that led to the theft, and admitted he knew it was wrong when he did it. In addition to stealing from Mobley, Plunkett stole from one of his Prudential clients. Prudential paid back both of the victims, now Plunkett owes Prudential a big chunk of change.

"There's roughly $627,000 to Prudential. Mr. Mobley was a retired Prudential agent, another victim was the defendant's father-in-law,” said Assistant Attorney General Marc Pate. “He wasn't charged with those, but it was taken into consideration in this plea."

The Attorney General’s office admits the sentence is a stiff one for a first offense white collar crime, but says the sentence should serve as a warning to others who prey on senior citizens.

When Mr. Mobley was asked what he thought should happen to Plunkett he said Plunkett should be taken away from humanity for 20 years, he didn't quite get that, but almost. And even though Mr. Mobley got his money back, he will never get over having his trust betrayed in such a terrible way.