Demolished Sand Springs Stadium Making Money For School

Tuesday, March 6th 2007, 10:56 am
By: News On 6

Are you a sentimental Sandite? Sand Springs Memorial Stadium was demolished late last year to make way for a new stadium, but a couple of enterprising seniors salvaged a bit of the old place. The News on 6’s Rick Wells reports, some of the old concrete stadium seats are available, and you could own one if you hurry.

The last football games at Memorial Stadium were played in November, and then the demolition crews moved in to dismantle the old place. About that time a couple of senior boys had a bright idea.

"Wouldn't somebody want a piece of this?" said Sand Springs High School senior Nick Stockard.

That's how it all started, Nick Stockard and his partner Russell Coble got the ok to save some of the stadium seats before they went to the landfill.

"We started out with about 100 of 'em, so far we've sold 50 so we're down about half," said senior Russell Coble.

Memorial Stadium was built in the late 40s and has hosted lots of Sandite football, and the boys thought folks might want a piece of history.

"People having a memory of where they went to school," said Coble.

The benches are five feet long and weigh, about 175 pounds. You can buy one for $50, and the boys will deliver them for an additional fee. All the money raised from the sell of the stadium seats will be put into a fund for the school’s graduation party.

The concrete seats are being stored in Nick’s backyard, so his parents hope they sell them all. If you’d like to own a piece of Sandite history you can call the boys at 918-241-2507.

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