City Living Meets Nature

Monday, March 5th 2007, 10:44 am
By: News On 6

It's one of just a handful of spots in the entire state where housing developers meet conservationists halfway, balancing progress with protecting nature. The News on 6’s Heather Lewin reports new homeowners just northwest of downtown Tulsa will soon enjoy part of what Oklahomans in decades past have loved, wide open spaces.

"There's not many tracts of land that are this size, this close to downtown anymore," said Jeff Crosby with Land Legacy.

That's why Land Legacy, a local conservation group, is teaming up with area developers to create Northwest Passage, a housing development that will set aside 150 acres of protected green space off the Tisdale Parkway.

"General consensus is 10-percent of a development should be donated toward open space usage,” Crosby said. “In this case, the Northwest Passage is considerably higher than that."

Project managers say with the demand for housing surrounding Tulsa on the rise, now is the time to protect forested tracts of land, so homeowners will always have a bit of nature in their backyard.

"It's becoming more popular, just the demand for not just your standard cookie cutter housing, neighborhoods and streets and stuff," said Crosby.

Expanding trails and recreational areas is a major focus, along with a great view. Crosby says protecting the land is a quality of life issue for future generations.

"It's only gonna grow more, and if we don't step up and protect it now, then it's gonna be lost and we'll never have the opportunity again," he said.

Capital Homes Residential Group donated the 150 acres as a conservation easement. Hundreds of new homes will surround it.